The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X
The new VPN Tracker
VPN Tracker - Connect your Macs securely to your VPN
VPN Tracker has everything you need to connect your Mac securely to your VPN. Connect to over 300 VPN gateways with support for the latest IPsec security standards. Start using VPN Tracker today to protect your data connections with OS X El Capitan and even older configurations from Mac OS X 10.6 onwards. 

Choose a VPN Tracker 365 plan, or a VPN Tracker 9 license
Securely connect to VPNs Yes Yes
Easy Configuration and Setup Support Yes Yes
VPN Availability Check Yes Yes
VPN Expert Support Phone support / email (unlimited) Email support (90 days)
NEW Team Management Yes Yes
NEW Remote Connection Wipe Yes -
NEW Secure Drop Yes -
Updates All new versions, upgrades
and security updates included
Security updates
Upgrades from previous versions from $ 59.99 from $ 69.99
Purchase option yearly plan one-time purchase
Trial 30 days Download Download

Compare all VPN Tracker Editions: Prices, purchase options, features and services.

A safe decision - Trust the market leader in VPN on OS X
VPN Tracker is the market leading VPN Client for Mac OS X. Every day Apple consultants and System Administrators trust in VPN Tracker, the #1 in the VPN Mac market to securely connect Macs with remote VPNs since years.

    • Professional: more than 15 years experience on the VPN market
    • Quality: German engineering made by professional developers
    • Knowhow: Unrivaled support of dedicated VPN experts

"Effective support is a rarity in this business and yours is most appreciated. equinux will remain a preferred vendor of mine." – Eduard W. Jackson jr, VPN Tracker 365 user

Higher Security: Remote Connection Wipe
More protection for VPN workstations: VPN Tracker 365 now gives you more control on your VPN connections. You can now remotely wipe VPN connections:

  • when a co-worker is leaving the company
  • when a MacBook gets lost or stolen
  • when a project requires temporary access to VPN connections
  • when you need the next level of security

Remote Connection Wipe is a new VPN Tracker 365 feature. Now available to all VPN Tracker 365 users - with no extra charge during its term.
VPN manufacturer-independent, works with leading gateways
VPN Tracker is the market leading VPN client for the Mac. VPN Tracker is compatible with practically all IPSec-based VPN-gateways on the market. VPN Tracker includes device profiles for more than 300 VPN gateways.

Recommended Mac VPN solution for daily business
Apple consultants and administrators have trusted in VPN Tracker for years. Features such as VPN Shortcuts, network scanner, or SecureDrop for secure file transfers have become important tools in the realm of VPN work spaces. VPN Tracker is the professional solution for businesses.
Convenient, friendly usability and quick help for users
VPN Tracker automatically tests all VPN connection and helps to reduce common VPN connection problems. VPN Tracker makes daily mobile work-life easier by reducing support costs and offering solutions with many useful tools.
VPN on your Mac: Security "Made in Germany"
VPN Tracker was 100% developed at our headquarters in Munich, Germany. You can trust our many years of experience with VPN technology. Don't jeopardize the security of your data with unproven technology that could lead to disastrous consequences for your business.
Spot Maps
Create a new map and simply add your devices like desktops, servers, iPhones or printers by drag and drop. 
Spot Maps visualizes connections between devices and helps you when positioning.
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Compatible Devices

Check if your device is compatible with VPN Tracker. If your vendor or device is not listed, chances are that your IPsec VPN device will work anyway. More information